LED panels and tubes offer a range of benefits against traditional lighting. These include:

  • Energy saving – LEDs use less energy, reducing both your electricity bill and your carbon footprint

  • Reliable – Brightman LEDs have a five-year warranty. Your maintenance and repair costs are lower as your lights are guaranteed to last

  • Directional – The clever design of Brightman LED panels, LED tubes and LED linear lights means that there is lower light loss

  • Safer – LED panels and tubes do not contain any harmful elements (such as mercury, often found in fluorescent tubes)

Brightman LED lights are the ideal replacement for your traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes. Creating an extremely uniform lighting environment, these lights can be surface mounted, hung on pendants or recessed – perfect for your project.


We offer a wide range of LED panels, LED tubes and LED linear lights and we’ll help you to find the right products for your needs. For advice and to order, call us today on

+44 (0)1949 843 920



Looking for a more tailored solution for your lighting project? Brightman can provide a full evaluation of your site providing simulated lighting diagrams to suit your needs.

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