High quality, efficient and reliable LED lights – that’s what Brightman LED are about

When you buy a Brightman LED product, you’re guaranteed a high quality LED light that will be reliable and efficient. Using our years of experience, we’ll give you free advice and find the right LED panels, LED floodlights, LED highbays or LED lighting for you. We’ll then supply them quickly and at a price you will love.

To find out more call (01949) 843 920 or email enquiries@brightmanled.com

Read on to find out more about why you should trust Brightman LED for your lighting needs.

Efficient and reliable, backed up with great service – the Brightman way

  • Efficiency – all our LEDs are economical and efficient, reducing your electricity bill and carbon footprint
  • Reliability – you’ll benefit from a five-year guarantee on all our LED lights. And, as our lights are so reliable, you will benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Service – using a DIALux lighting simulation and years of experience, we’ll help you to find the right LED lights for your project – however big or small. We also offer next-day delivery across the UK (on stock items)

Buying cheap LEDs is often false economy. These lights are made with lower quality drivers, cheap housings and unbranded chips, meaning they will often lose lumens over short periods of time. You are also likely to spend more money maintaining and replacing these cheaper products.

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Brightman LED lights are all made from the highest quality components. You’ll get a tried and tested product that will be efficient, reliable and guaranteed.

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3 reasons you can trust Brightman LED products

  1. We supervise the production process
    We aren’t just an importer of ‘off the shelf’ products. We are actively involved in the design and build of all our lights. And, we don’t rely on the quality control of our factory – we oversee and supervise the production process to make sure all our LED panels, LED floodlights, LED highbays and LED light bulbs are of the highest quality.
  2. You’ll benefit from the very highest quality components
    All the products you buy will only contain the very latest components from recognised industry leaders such as Cree, Osram, Epistar, Philips, Mean Well and Samsung. We spent six years sourcing the very best components in order to provide you with lights you can rely on.
  3. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible
    At Brightman, we’re research-driven which means we are constantly updating our product range to suit your needs. Our ongoing development of new and exciting LED lights which means that you will always get the very latest technology, the finest design and the most up-to-date products.

Free consultancy service will help you to save time and money

If you know exactly which LED flood lights, LED bulbs, LED highbays or LED panels you need, we’ll supply them to you at a great price and often, with next-day UK delivery.

However, we’re also here to provide you with free advice on the right lighting for you. Often, our clients don’t need LED lights that are as large or powerful as they think. This means we can supply them with more efficient and cost-effective alternatives that will provide all the light they need but at a lower cost.

We’re here to give you advice and to find the most appropriate LED lights for you. We’ve provided advice and supplied lights to a range of clients including:

We have experience working with clients in a range of areas and so we’re perfectly placed to find the right solution for you. We can help you light:

  • Offices
  • Shops/supermarkets
  • Nursing homes
  • Car park
  • Hotels, restaurants and bars
  • Poultry and pig farms

Perhaps you are a sports club looking for LED floodlights for a football pitch or tennis court? We can run a simulation to ensure your LED lights provide perfect and consistent coverage across your venue – just as we did for Chelsea FC’s training ground and Wembley Arena.

We also specialise in corporate lighting. If you’re a large business and you need a LED lighting specialist to help you on large projects, give Brightman LED a call on (01949) 843 920.