We’ll help you to find the right LED for your project

Getting the right lighting conditions for your project is not as simple as it might sound. A light that may be perfect for a domestic setting may be completely unsuitable for an office or commercial premises where lights are in use for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Similarly, the requirements of a large warehouse differ from those in a supermarket or a football pitch.

Brightman’s lighting engineers remove the guesswork.

We will give you completely honest and unbiased advice on the right LED flood lights, LED light bulbs, LED downlights, LED highbays or LED panels for you. Whatever your business, we will use our years’ of experience to evaluate your space and advise you on the perfect lighting solution.

This approach can help you to save money, as we can recommend more cost-effective products that are more suitable for your usage. We will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint – invaluable in today’s climate where environmental issues matter.

And, as a business, you can write off the cost of energy-saving equipment against your taxable profit in the first year. Find out more…

We have vast experience of providing lighting to both small and large businesses. As well as warehouses, stadia, airports, nursing homes, hospitals and sports clubs we can help you light your office, hotel or depot.

Whatever your project, call us on (01949) 843 920 and speak to an expert.

A complete corporate lighting advice and supply service for your business

Brightman LED are your first choice if you are looking for a company that provides:

  • high quality and reliable LED lights
  • great professional advice
  • high levels of expertise in all aspects of LED lights

We offer full corporate lighting solutions, for medium and large businesses. As well as a full consultancy service, we supply a wide range of bespoke LED products suitable for your company.

To find out more about our business lighting service, call

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