Professional lighting design with DIALux.

Getting the right LEDs is vital if you want to get the perfect lighting and you want to fulfil your obligations under the law.

Brightman can help. Using 3D software, we can use the floor plan of your project to reconstruct the entire three-dimensional environment of your space, complete with colours, windows, walls, doors and furniture.

Using this software we can plan lighting for almost any situation, including:

  • building lighting
  • home lighting
  • exterior lighting, e.g for a loading bay, depot or harbour
  • sports venues such as tennis courts or football pitches
  • street lighting
  • offices
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We’ll assess the brightness or ‘lux’ (measured in lumens per square metre) levels in every room and on floors, tables and walls. We will make sure you have sufficient light to achieve the correct level of brightness and to ensure staff and customer safety.

Professional lighting design simulation with DIALux. The smart approach to achieving your perfect environment.



To find out more about how we can help you plan the right LED lights for your project, call Brightman today on

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